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Coke quenching model 26-4013

 The car is a specialized technological vehicle for coke production plants and is intended for receptions of incandescent coke which is discharged from coking chambers, its transportation to the coke-quenching tower, where the coke quenching with water is carried out, transportation and discharging the freight onto a coke inclined dock.
The car design ensures a high corrosion resistance due to use of stainless steel, separate and common (depending on a standard size of a car) opening of gates by means of the pneumatic drive, not rigid connection of front girder and parts of a welded metallic structure. The car can be produced of several standard sizes (depending on volume of served ovens) for railways of 1435, 1524, 1676 mm tracks.

Name: Coke quenching model 26-4013
Width to ruts, mm: 1520
Cargo-carrying capacity, t, not more: 25
Mass of tares, t: 91
Maximum accounting steady-state load from wheel pairs on rails, kN: 0
Length on axises of the traction of the autohitches, mm, not less: 18750
Height, mm: 5210
Width, mm: 5960
Volume , m3: 88.5
Design velocity, km/h: 0
Search products, мм: 0
Size of GOST 9238-83:

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