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About a company

Dear Sirs

We offer you the brief profiles of the company.

Design and manufacture of freight railway and industrial vehicles.

- Produces freight cars from the beginning of the twentieth century.
- The leading experimental design facility Mintyazhmash the establishment of specialized cars of all types.
- The widest range of products in the CIS car building.

- Developing products to meet the conditions of its operation, handling and characteristics of the goods transported.
- Satisfaction is not only all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Sales Geography
- The CIS and Baltic States, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Egypt, Algeria, Guinea, Nigeria. Licenses for the development are sold to China, Germany, South Africa.

Design capacity
- More than 150 models of cars.
- Design decisions are made on the level of inventions and industrial samples.

Production potential
- Equipment for the production of up to 6 different types of rolling stock at the same time.
- A wide range of mass production: from one to large-scale and mass.
- Operational readjustment of production capacities for the development of new products.
- Annual production capacity up to 4000 cars.

Personnel potential
More than 4000 employees, which include:
- Competent managers,
- Experienced and professional office design
- Qualified technical personnel,
- Work modern specialties.

We confidently look to the future, open to your suggestions and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Director General of AI Kobylyakov
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